PWPA is Passionate About Building the Academic Network for Peace-Loving People.

About PWPA

We have a long history of proven skills and know how which spans over a century. We provide our community with useful knowledge and information for promoting world peace. This is a story of how it all started:


1st ICUS

November 1972, 1st The International Conference on the Unity of the Science (ICUS)


PWPA Founded

May 1973, Founding Conference of the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA)



June 1973, Publishing of the monthly journal “Kwang Jang”.


Founded ICWP

April 1974, 1st International Conference on World Peace (ICWP).


1st Academy Medal Awarded

March 1976, September 1978, Published 1st Academy Series of Research


Founded ICPA

March 1981, Founding of the International Christian Professors Association


Expanded funding from the International Cultural Foundation.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s PWPA-International supported the development of national chapters throughout the world and supported hundreds of national and regional conferences. It brought the leaders of these chapters to major international Congresses that analyzed the world’s major social systems and the major challenges to world peace.



PWPA in Geneva, Switzerland

1985, (Declaration of “The End of the Soviet Empire”)

led by Morton Kaplan, PWPA-International President spoke at the Second International Congress “The Fall of the Soviet Empire: Prospects for Transition to a Post-Soviet World” held in Geneva, Switzerland on August 20, 1985, six years before the system collapsed. For this conference, he selected Professor Alexander Shtromas, a former communist legal scholar trained at the University of Moscow and emigrated to England in 1972. One member of the CIA who had attended privately, later said he believed that this conference not only accurately predicted the collapse of the system but helped outline ways that the collapse and transition to a new system could be peaceful.


Symposium, Far East Asia Relationship

July 1993, Korea-China-Japan International Symposium


International Conference on Reaganomics

April 1997 (“Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Reaganomics: Background of Asia Pacific Co-Prosperity”)


Founded UPKMF

December 2004, Foundation of UN Peace Forces of the Korean War Memorial Federation (UPKMF)


Harbin, China Conference

July 2011, PWPA International Academic conference in Harbin, China.


PWPA Conference, Paris, France

October 2018, Forum on "Vision of the Unity of Sciences and HyoJeong World Peace"


Berlin, Germany Conference

June 22, 2019, PWPA International Academic conference in Berlin, Germany.

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