PWPA is Passionate About Building the Academic Network for Peace-Loving People.


The internationally known religious leaders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon established the Professors World Peace Academy in 1973, first in Korea and then in 194 other nations, including Japan, the USA, Germany, France and Great Britain.

Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Han Hak Ja Moon believe that intellectuals play an important role in creating world peace. In founding PWPA, they were motivated by a desire that scholars with scientific, religious and a variety of national backgrounds

contribute unconditionally and freely to the creation of the mutual prosperity of humankind and a new world civilization, by exchanging their experiences and knowledge, and guiding others to achieve this aim. For this purpose, PWPA received support from the International Cultural Foundation, Inc. for many years. Currently, PWPA is supported by the Hyo Jeong World Peace Foundation, which is setting a theoretical foundation for the ideal future world known as Cheon Il Guk.

After her husband’s passing, Dr. Hakja Han Moon has taken over the leadership of the organizations she and her husband founded. Following in her late husband’s footsteps, she is actively directly guiding and founding various providential institutions.

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