PWPA is Passionate About Building the Academic Network for Peace-Loving People.

Greeting from the Chairman

Dear Scholars and Friends,

Thank you for taking time to review this brief introduction to the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA). As you can see, PWPA has a proud history and a vigorous future agenda. The founders, Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, have given PWPA a large mandate to be “…international, multidisciplinary, future-oriented and action-oriented” in its peace-building work.

Now with the support of the Hyo Jeong World Peace Foundation, and together with related academic initiatives, PWPA looks forward expanded activities and participation, both in Korea and in many other countries.

PWPA is fundamentally committed to respecting and appreciating the intellectual assets which each member brings to our common tasks. By investing those assets in our work together, we can multiply their value and effectiveness for good.

Throughout the coming year, we will develop the international connections of PWPA and its related organizations, to enable PWPA members to benefit from the synergy of ideas and academic networks and to address critical issues in a systemically responsible way, grounded in enduring values.

I invite you to connect with PWPA, and look forward to the opportunity to greet you in person.


Thomas W. Selover
President, PWPA-Korea and PWPA-International

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