PWPA is Passionate About Building the Academic Network for Peace-Loving People.

About PWPA

Establishment Purpose

Humankind should enjoy true happiness based on world peace; the spiritual resources and boundless intelligence bestowed on human beings should contribute to peace and the welfare of humankind and our environment. Even if we take an optimistic view that humankind has progressed and prospered steadily by human wisdom and effort, we must recognize that along the way of history we humans have impaired our own dignity, going astray from our ideals and obligations and wandering in the bewilderment caused by failing to fulfill our responsibilities.

We, like-minded academic professionals from various fields and disciplines, have joined together in the Professors World Peace Academy to search for truth and goodness with intellect and conscience, under the goal of making a contribution to the development of a new culture for the welfare of all humankind.

When we look at the reality today, our intelligence and conscience are facing serious challenges. Human talents, resources, and cultural heritage, which should be utilized for common human welfare, have been abused as instruments of fear and suppression in many corners of the earth. Disregarding the general well-being and harmony, and pursuing individual self-interests and partial development, has been accompanied by unexpected pollution and other forms of degradation. Eventually, we are facing the destruction of our earth and ecosystem.

In our times, human society has fallen into severe contradiction and irrationality. Egoism and altruism, individual and the whole, race and humankind, and the state and world are conceived as opposing interests without harmony. Today, whether in the East or West, human beings could not harmonize various contradictions such as body and soul, spirit and material, and ideal and reality, in a state of spiritual confliction and the confusion of values.

Strengthening International Ties

Our mission

• Academic Exchange between Global-level Scholars
• Joint-Research on Global Issues
• International Cultural Exchange and Volunteer Activity

Research for Solutions to Current Problems

Our mission

• Study on Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula
• Study on Welfare Policy of Multi-Cultural Societies
• Publication of the Journal “Kwang Jang”

The Research of Peace and Absolute Values

Our vision

• Establishment of a Universal Peace Concept
• Research on Peace Studies
• Research on Solutions to Conflicts and Disputes

Development for an Ideal Model of Education

Our mission

• Development and Support for Education in developing Nations
• Supporting Scholarship projects and Discovering Talent initiatives

Support and Research for Advancement of Learning

Our mission

• Fostering the Development of Global-level Scholars
• Supporting Academic Seminars and Conferences
• Supporting the Publication of journals in the area of Peace Studies

Academic Seminars and Academic Cooperation.

Our vision

• Regular academic conferences and branch seminars to carry out the mandate
• In 2004, the Korean association of peace studies was founded to systematize studies of Korean peninsular peace and unification.

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PWPA is fundamentally committed to respecting and appreciating the intellectual assets which each member brings to our common tasks.

By investing those assets in our work together, we can multiply their value and effectiveness for goodness to build world peace.


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